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TF2 Crate Simulator

TF2 and Dota Crate Simulator

This is a super high-tech simulator for opening TF2's Mann Co. Supply Crates and Dota's Treasure Chests. Open virtual crates right here! See how expensive the unusual you get is! Just select a series and unlock some crates.

Results are estimated from available drop data collected from the over 20,000 crates opened but are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate to Valve's numbers. No crates were harmed in the making of this website.
Update: 3/10/13: Dota 2 1-12!

Get the new Crate Simulator Android app to run natively on your device! Get the new one on the market!

Made by Luigi Thirty (backpack), owner of the Trading Post trade servers and creator of trade_post, the Unusual Hat Searcher, the Custom Weapon Creator. Gboon (backpack) helped test stuff and spammed.
Problems, questions, or suggestions? Contact me by email or Steam messenger, or post in the Steam forums thread.
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